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Top vs. Bottom Tier

Our team has conducted an in-depth analysis of hundreds of companies and as a result, we have developed benchmark metrics that can be applied to startups within their respective sectors. Our findings have shown that the best-in-class companies operate in the green region, indicating high performance and efficiency. On the other hand, good companies are in the white, which is still promising but may need some improvement to reach the top tier. Lower tier companies, however, operate in the red and may need significant changes to improve their performance.

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Beyond Your LTV / CAC Ratio

You may have noticed that we did not provide specific benchmarks for your LTV/CAC ratio, which is a popular VC metric used to measure ROI. While this metric is undoubtedly meaningful for businesses seeking growth, there is still room for improvement in how other VCs measures what they hope to understand from this ratio. Relying solely on revenue to calculate LTV promotes a gross representation of the metric, and assuming a business's customer churn rate is linear is incorrect.

It's worth noting that all charts in Deepdive are timeline based, and we believe this view provides a more accurate and detailed benchmark of your retention and acquisition costs. By looking at your data in this way, you can identify trends and patterns that are not immediately apparent in a simple LTV/CAC ratio. Read more about how to have A More Holistic Way to Calculate Your LTV-to-CAC Ratio.

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