Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deepdive and how can it help my startup?

Deepdive is a financial analytical platform that allows startup founders to evaluate their business through the lens of experienced venture capitalists. With just basic data, Deepdive can provide an in-depth financial analysis and future projections for companies at any stage.

More than just numbers, Deepdive gives founders quantified insights into product-market fit, unit economics, growth potential, and more while highlighting the business levers that need your attention.

In essence, Deepdive enables founders to deeply understand what drives their startup's success and where vulnerabilities may lie. Armed with this VC-backed assessment, founders can hone strategy, understand their capital needs, and articulate their vision powerfully before starting their fundraise process.

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What metrics and insights does Deepdive provide?

Deepdive delivers granular analytics including classic business metrics and proprietary AI-driven insights.

With over 65 interactive charts and education tips that cover these topics:

  • Cohort analysis covering various subscriptions/transaction models
  • LTV, CAC, and Capital Efficiency analysis
  • SaaS metrics like Magic Number, Burn Efficiency, and Rule of 40
  • Outlier metrics by customer segments like your power users

Ready for  transformative insights on your company? See our interactive demo for a preview at deepdive.headline.com/demo.

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What kind of data is needed to build my company’s dashboard?

Getting started with Deepdive is simple - our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing data sources. Directly connect your Stripe or Chargebee account and Deepdive will automatically sync your revenue transactions to generate insights. Or if you prefer, you can manually upload a CSV file.

You can also provide a basic Profit & Loss statement to access more advanced reports like payback and capital efficiency. But rest assured, basic cohort and retention dashboards can be built without P&L data.

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Who has access to my data?

Deepdive prioritizes data privacy and security. Your company data remains fully confidential - the insights are strictly for your eyes only. You control viewer access to your customized dashboard as well as retention of uploaded data. Integrations with Stripe and Chargebee are read-only and can be disconnected at any time. Any data files uploaded to Deepdive can also be permanently deleted whenever you wish. You maintain full ownership over who sees your metrics and how long they are stored. Rest assured, Deepdive was built to keep your business insights safe and private.

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Why are you providing Deepdive for free?

At Headline, we use Deepdive every day in our investment processes.  We always share the generated dashboard directly with the founder, along with our analysis. We do this whether we choose to invest or not. We believe this level of transparency is important in helping foster mutual understanding and objectivity in the venture investment process.

That’s why we decided to take this a step further and make Deepdive publicly available to all founders, for free. We know many founders don’t have operating or finance experience, so at a certain stage of the fundraising process, there can be a disconnect between the numbers founders present and what VCs are seeing. We built Deepdive as an empowering, impartial tool for founders at all stages to understand their numbers and craft data-driven narratives. Our mission is to arm startups with the same expertise as investors.

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How is Deepdive different from ChartMogul, Profitwell or BareMetrics?

While financial analysis platforms such as ChartMogul, Profitwell, and BareMetrics each bring their own merits to the table and can offer valuable revenue metrics, Deepdive takes a VC-centric approach tailored to startup fundraising and due diligence.

Our cohort analysis algorithm delivers a CFO-level deep dive on your customer segments over time, handling the subtle sophistications of a growing business that Excel-based cohort analysis just gets wrong. The proprietary payback ratio metrics quantify marketing ROI at a granular level that other tools simply overlook. This empowers founders with strategic decision making.

Additionally, what sets us apart is our mission to democratize high-quality insights by providing this layered analysis absolutely free of cost. Deepdive doesn't merely offer data, but equip founders with investor-grade business insights.

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I am interested in fundraising with Headline, how should I proceed?

We are thrilled that you are interested in raising funds with us! Depending on your location, please get in touch with one of our global offices listed on our contact page.

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